You've just opened up your very own print shop. Immediately customers flood in wanting your wearables! Race to fill as many orders as possible per day and try not to end up in a Print Shop PANIC!

Controls: Use the MOUSE to select the shirt, ink color and design. Use the SPACE BAR to print the design and take the shirt off the drying conveyor belt.

Built for GBJam5

Graphics/ Sound: Marcus Tegtmeier of Teggy Games

Programing/ Animation: Jordan Overmyer of Mursa Major


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what point of space bar function?  is it mock when you release the paint or shake off paint I don't get that.  I do recall hand painting art is more difficult I don't see that your game.

is there any way to buy things like upgrades with the money that u save? what is the point of the savings? this is a really cute game!

There is no point really, more money = more fun I suppose. Thanks for playing!

Hey, this was a pretty unique game. I love the variety of customers that come into the shop, and their corresponding dialogue that adds a bit more flavor to each day. My only advice would be to up the difficulty in some way as you progress, maybe adding new features into the interface midway through the game. Also, there was one part where the color and design were cut off of the speech bubble because the text was too long, but that's more of a minor issue. I really appreciate the creativity here, especially in the graphics.

Love it!